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20060902 Saturday September 02, 2006

Mechanical Turk Tagging

I spent way too much time last night giving Google some free labor. The Google Image Labeler is kinda fun, in a peculiar way. In 90 second stretches that AJAX-ishly links you to someone else out there in the ether, you are shown images and a text box to enter tags ("labels" is apparently Google's preferred term, whatever). Each time you get a match with your anonymous partner, you get 100 points. The points are like the ones on Whose Line Is It Anyway, they don't matter. And yet it was strangely fun. The most I ever got in any one 90 second session was 300 points. Network latency was the biggest constraint, sometimes Google's image loading was slow. Also, the images are way too small on my Powerbook ... this is the kinda thing you want a Cinema Display for (the holidays are coming, now you know what to get me).

So what if Technorati did this? Suppose you and some anonymous cohort could be simultaneously shown a blog post and tag it. Most blogging platforms these days support categories. But there are a lot of blog posts out there that might benefit from further categorization. Author's are already tagging their posts and blog readers can already tag their favorite blogs but enabling an ESP game with blog posts sounds like an intriguing way to refine categorization of blogs and posts.


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