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20080411 Friday April 11, 2008

WordPress Pandemic Chronicles - 2008-04-11

I found this post about 3rbsmag from the other week that provides some details of a particular WordPress attack interesting. Technorati is still seeing a steady flow of hacked blogs showing up in Technorati crawls. The ones that we can identify as symptomatic of the compromise aren't getting their crawls processed. Some bloggers have noticed that upgrading to WordPress 2.5 is an effective way to clear up those crawl obstacles. It seems like the word is getting out there, but there's still hundreds of vulnerable blogs being compromised every day. Some other WordPress blogs that I've noticed that have upgraded in the last few days include

Some (but not all) of these blogs were symptomatic of being hacked (no, I'm not going to advertise which ones were). Glad to see them upgraded!

I didn't post stats last night 'cause my macbook got mad at me for having too many Firefox tabs open, it staged a late-night revolt (it crashed) so I just called it a night. To catch things up, here's latest snapshot of the trailing 90 days of WordPress updates handled by Technorati:

VersionCount (in thousands)Change
So it looks like the number of WordPress 2.5 installs is a pretty steady six or seven thousand per day.

By the way, when I'm being good about posting links and dumping browser tabs, you can spot what I'm reading here. If I'm not posting to this blog, I might be posting links there.


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