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20040418 Sunday April 18, 2004

My Baseball Weblogoscope Barry Bonds is a phenomenon. The recent rash of home runs is paradoxically accompanied by a losing streak for the Giants. After witnessing the San Fransisco Giants succumb to El Aye three times in a row in one-run loses, I realized that something must be done. Well, nothing I do is gonna make Woody a strike-out king or Neifi Perez into a long ball hitter. But there's no shortage of opinions on what must be done. There's a lot of talent on the Giants' roster, perhaps some of the rabble and babble sprinkling around the ether has some relavant wisdom. I decided to see if I could pull together the various blogs about the G's into a kind of meta-blog, a weblogoscope.

I could conceivably take on some other topics ("George Bush", "Iraq", "Lies and the lying liars who tell them" and so forth) but for now, I think I'll just enjoy the approach of summertime. And root for the Giants.

The weblogoscope is programmatically generated; it gave me a good excuse to take a close look at the rss, rdf and atom document data structures as well as mess with some of the stuff on CPAN for handling them. It's pretty funny how similar these structures are and yet how divergent their grammars are. And to top it all off, it seems like the timestamp representations are all over the road; the datelines have different elements representing them (why this isn't standardized on Dublin Core is a mystery to me), different formats and various timezone styles. I guess one of these days I'll research more closely how it got to be this way.

Or maybe that doesn't matter. Regardless, perhaps a weblogoscopic view of the baseball season might help the Giants. Maybe it's just another big distraction. ( Apr 18 2004, 11:03:13 PM PDT ) Permalink