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20040331 Wednesday March 31, 2004

Gimme some linkin' love Criminy, I just checked how much love I'm getting according to Technorati. The news isn't good. I mean, I realize I only launched this blog a little over a month ago but I thought I'd start getting a little lovin' by now.

So here it is, in all of it un-glory, my Technorati rank. rank. Jeez, it's pathetic; maybe I should stay home and watch re-runs of the "Love Boat" and "Gomer Pyle."

OK, screw that. But if you link to me, I won't complain. Maybe I should make a business plan for my blog, set some objectives for my Technorati ranking. I can probably post pictures of Paris Hilton or something to get some links. Yea, that's it. ( Mar 31 2004, 05:07:24 PM PST ) Permalink


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