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20040225 Wednesday February 25, 2004

Much Ado About Outsourcing Vivek Paul seems to be the annointed spokesman for India's outsourcing industry. Last week he was the lead protagonist in an eWeek piece The Offshore Proposition. In the current issue, eWeek has him again in a two page interview. The most interesting thing is an excerpt in the response to the last question ("Your advice for the 40-year-old engineer here in Silicon Valley whose job has been outsourced?"). Paul is optimistic about the prospects of US engineers who are, "...pushing the edge of innovation" but then goes on to say:
"If your job involves sitting in a cubicle and not talking to anyone else, you are at risk. Get yourself into a role that is more attached to the customers or suppliers and is on the cutting edge of innovation."
So maybe you don't think you're Milton but according to Paul's point, don't content yourself with being relegated to the basement. Recall Peter and the Bobs:
Peter: You’re gonna layoff Samir and Michael!
Bob Porter: We’re gonna bring in some entry level graduates for us to work in Singapore, that’s the usual deal.
Bob Slydell: Well, it’s standard operating procedure.
Yea, and Milton and his stapler will be outsourced. So stay close to the customers, dammit!

Milton is Nervous
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