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20061019 Thursday October 19, 2006

Thinking about linking

Whenever I look at page to page, post to post, blog to blog and domain to domain relationship statistics (and permutations across them) interesting things often emerge. Microsoft's Live Search recently released a linkfromdomain operator that can help dig into these linking relationships. For instance, linkfromdomain:arachna.com ruby returns the pages that I've linked to that have ruby in the text. Combined with the site operator, I can do a search of the pages I've linked to on Technorati with linkfromdomain:arachna.com site:technorati.com.

Looks like the blogosphere is noticing, within the last two days Technorati has seen 57 links to the linkfromdomain announcement blog post. Kudos to MSN's search team for a cool innovation.

One apparent problem with their crawls is javascript/flash-plugin handling, the site:youtube.com linkfromdomain:technorati.com SERP shows pages referenced from Technorati's most linked-to YouTube videos, however all of the SERP items have the text

Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Macromedia's Flash Player. Click here to get the latest flash player.
Anyway, combine programmatic access (you can get a feed of that search with this link) with these link operators and Live Search is a very powerful and useful product. Read more about it on Live Search's WebLog


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