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20040303 Wednesday March 03, 2004

f*cked! I carpooled into the City on Monday as if it were Just Another Workday but I knew it wasn't. The company shutdown it's operations, all employees were given a short severance and timeoff and turned in our keys, company credit cards, and so forth. So that's it. That's all.

Since then, I decided to scratch an itch I've had. I've used Jakarta Struts for long time but have always found the maintenance of the deployment descriptor ("struts-config.xml") to scale poorly. Since I wanted to

  1. have a resume that expanded/collapsed the various data elements
  2. use xdoclet to generate struts-config.xml
I created an opportunity to do both, the results are here. When I get around to setting up a public source repository, I'll post the code there. If you're interested in that sort of thing, there's a "struts-resume" application on sourceforge but it seemed way too complicated for what I needed, so I didn't even bother trying it out. ( Mar 03 2004, 06:31:40 PM PST ) Permalink