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20040326 Friday March 26, 2004

HOWTO's make the world go around I rediscovered some old HOWTO-type materials I'd had around, stuff I'd forgotten about for ages but I realized might still be useful to some folks. And then again, it might not.

The first one was a little bit about tricks with server side includes ("SSI's") and some of the crude things you can accomplish with them that, while falling short of a "real" programming language, are surprisingly powerful. The browser detection stuff is very old and yet still very pertinent today when folks want to determine on the server side which CSS style sheet to send the browser. The other HOWTO is some notes I'd had about messing with HTTP cookies.

So I performed some minor updates on these things and reposted them:

  The SSI Mini-Tutorial  
  The HTTP Cookie Mini-Tutorial  
Open source and the internet were built on people sharing tidbits; techniques and hacks to leverage technology. So these are some small contributions. Have Fun! ( Mar 26 2004, 08:50:43 PM PST ) Permalink