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20040319 Friday March 19, 2004

Bugs in the Icons Since I habitually use Mozilla's tabbed browsing to follow parallel web paths and I've been working on my own pages (for instance, putting my old talks and tutorials online), I've been wanting to be able to quickly find the tabs that have my web pages displayed quickly.

On the one hand the favicon.ico icons have always seemed somewhat silly to me. But Mozilla does something nice: it puts the icon in the tab, not just in the location bar -- ah, that is useful. So I set out to make my own arachna.com icon. I had to install the kdegraphics rpm for redhat9 (kdegraphics-3.1-4.i386.rpm) to get kiconedit but once that was all said and done, I set to work making a little 16x16 icon.

Working with a canvas that small is hard; my spider looks more like an ant! I'll have to assign a problem report to myself in bugzilla. ( Mar 19 2004, 11:41:03 PM PST ) Permalink